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"What makes photography a strange invention - with unforeseeable consequences - is that its primary raw materials are light and time"
John Berger

Looking across Loch Leven, near Glencoe, Scotland

I've always been interested in photography, and started to take it more seriously age 13, when I was taught a few tricks by a professional. I started with black and white 35mm in my Dad's faithful Olympus OM-2, which is a great camera for someone to learn the fundamentals of photography.

I learnt how to develop my films and prints on quite simple kit. Although I haven't been in a darkroom for ages, the magic of seeing my first photo come to life in the tray of developer fluid is still with me.

I use a 5 year old Canon EOS 500, with 28-80mm and 75-300mm lenses. I also have an Olympus C-100, which has a lowly 1.3 megapixel rating. It's pretty crap really, but the novelty of point-shoot-review is still there. All I can say in my defence for buying it, is that it was cheap! Hopefully I'll be able to get a decent digital Canon SLR soon, which will let me use my existing Canon lenses with it...

The photos here are split up into various sections, mostly from travelling around the country finding good driving roads; attending trackdays, rallies and racedays; or independent travel further afield to places like China and Morocco.

Enjoy, and if you like them, let me know!