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These photos are from my entry to the inaugral Plymouth-Dakar Challenge, a typically eccentric / stupid / petrolhead / British thing to do...

Basicallly the challenge is drive to Dakar in a car costing about 100, having spent about 50 on it before you go... despite my best intentions, well our best intentions (step forward my fellow team-mate Jon), we failed before we started because we knew we wouldn't have time to do the whole trip. We still went along for the ride though, but only as far as Morocco with the rest of the gang.

So what does 100 buy you? More than you think! We found this 150,000 mile, 13 year old Ford Granada for about 250... and it was a 2.9 V6 Auto, Ghia spec. Classy! We had a few teething problems before we went, but the car was remarkably solid, and didn't miss a beat over 4,000 miles of hard driving in 10 days.

"The Duchess"


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