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Stage 1 of the trip was a through-the-night dash from Cherbourg in northern France to Sotogrande in southern Spain, about 1300 miles. We managed it in 19 hours, taking 3 hour shifts at the wheel. We only stopped for fuel and a pre-dawn 90 minute sleep near Bilbao, so we averaged over 70mph on the way down. You see why I'm quite fond of that old car!

I hadn't driven that far in such a short time before, I don't really want to do it again in a hurry - it was absolutely knackering, but the old girl hacked the pace brilliantly through torrential rain in southern France, freezing temperatures in northern Spain and the potholed joke of a motorway network south of Madrid.

In fact it turned out we had a spare day after all, which was just as well as it gave us time to recover! Here are some of Gibraltar's famous Barbary Macaques (or Apes).

Cute, but they bite!

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