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Despite being a self-confessed petrolhead, I'm not hugely into motorsport. I appreciate the 'race it on Sunday, sell it on Monday' attitude, because there's no doubt that racing produces benefits for road cars.

It's probably less obvious at the higher levels of racing though, especially F1. I mean, will we ever need road cars that rev to 18,000rpm, or have enough downforce to drive on the ceiling at 150mph?! Rallying is a lot more relevant to roadcars. Impreza Turbo or Mitsubishi Evo anyone?

Even been to a F1 race? I went to Silverstone on race day in 2002, but didn't feel particularly involved in it. What made it much better was going to Spa in Belgium for the full 3-day experience! We camped quite close to the circuit in a field full of crazy Germans, Dutch and French fans. Each had their own taste in truly dreadful Euro-pop, which they played at massive volume from their converted camper vans / ice-cream vans / etc. It was a great experience, seeing the practice sessions, qualifying and the race itself. And Spa is of course, incredible.

Rally GB 2002, just after dawn

At the 2002 Rally GB, South Wales, just after dawn


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